‘Ozark’: The Great Season 4 Confirms That It Is One Of The Essential Netflix Series

The first great television comeback of Netflix for this 2022 is that of ‘Ozark’, one of the platform’s star series that in its third season finally took that step forward what he needed to achieve greatness. Shortly after we found out that he would have a fourth and last batch of episodes longer than usual and that will be divided into two installments.

This Friday, January 21, is when the streaming company has decided to release the first seven episodes of this final season of ‘Ozark’. I have already had the opportunity to see five, which deal with the consequences of what was seen at the end of the third. A slow but always tense evolution that maintains the usual line of the series, with the particularity that here it is already clear that practically anything could happen…

To simmer

The start of this fourth season gives special importance to the professional relationship of the Byrdes with Omar Navarro. (Watch out for the rest of the paragraph if you didn’t watch the previous season, there are spoilers) After Helen’s cold-blooded execution, it was clear that the drug lord had some plan in mind and it didn’t take long for us to discover his ambitious intentions. It is not something that is never left aside, but other plots are gaining presence as the episodes go by and the intentions of the characters become clear.

As expected, Wendy is the one who undergoes a more marked transformation, as she will have to deal with another problem of a family nature that is also important so that the deterioration of the character played by Laura Linney be even more obvious.

Up to now, Julia Garner It had always been the best of ‘Ozark’ by far, but Linney already nailed it at the end of the third season and here it shines again. His character has been gradually losing humanity and here, after the inevitable initial shock, that path is followed, becoming increasingly clear that he will be able to do whatever it takes both to achieve his own survival and to achieve all the power that yearns

It is not that his character is on his own in these episodes, but it is becoming more and more evident that he is not well and that his inner monster is awakening little by little. In fact, the rest of his family does act a bit on his own, either to solve the problems that arise with the drug business or how they deal with what has happened to them so far.

Everything in its place

Ozark Season 4 Julia Garner

This is something that the team led by the showrunner Chris Mundy take advantage of it to develop the different focuses of interest, most of them already known, but there are several new characters that complicate things more, especially the private detective played by Adam Rothenberg, whom you may remember for being one of the protagonists in his day from ‘Ripper Street’.

All this accompanied by a new commitment to the use of somewhat lighter colors, something that was already noticed in the third season. Not that this is intended to convey greater optimism, but it does seem to go a little in line with the idea that the Mundys are managing to get out of the hole they got themselves into. Another thing is that it ends with them regaining their freedom or in an orgy of blood. After all, the latter would also have a good color, although very marked by red.

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Still, the violence in these five episodes is once again something he feels in the air, a silent but constant threat that could explode at any moment. That tone of constant discomfort -and intensity- is something in which ‘Ozark’ has always known how to move well, but it is fair to recognize that sometimes it could seem that it was going to lead nowhere or that it was buying time. None of that happens here, since at all times it conveys the feeling of going in a clear direction.

In short

Ozark Season Four Scene

The fourth season of ‘Ozark’ confirms the growth shown by the series in the final stretch of the third and paves the way for what promises to be an exciting finale. Then maybe it falls short in some respect, but these five episodes have given me no reason to distrust those responsible.

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