Paola Turani, body positive message three months after childbirth: “Let’s respect each other, let’s love each other”

Test in the mirror passed. Three months after the birth of little Aeneas Francesco, Paola Turani she feels more complete and happy than ever. To declare it is the same influencer in a long body positive message posted next to two photos in underwear. In the first, taken last year, the model sports the physique sculpted by a true athlete, in the second, immortalized twelve weeks after giving birth, the shapes become softer and more sinuous, due to a slight weight gain that “does not know if it will return as before ». Yet the satisfaction of having completed the pregnancy successfully compensates for any concerns e Paola Turani he writes it clearly.

Paola Turani’s body positive message

Despite a few extra pounds, the influencer from Bergamo did not want to hide and chose his Instagram profile to launch a strong message to all women who are experiencing or have lived like her the joys and hardships of part. «This morning I happened to look at some old photos … how far that Paola seems to me from Paola now! And then the other day I take a picture of how I am now, three months after delivery. How does this Paola feel? More than good. Complete. Even happier. Even if his body has changed, even though he is 5 kg more and does not know if he will return as before. But do you want to put the gift of holding your child in your arms? There is no kg, there is no belly or cellulite to hold “.

The arrival of Aeneas, the desired child for years together with her husband Riccardo Serpellini and born last October, has compensated for any concern for her body. «In recent months, the thought of my new shapes or kilograms has gone even further into the background, the priority and my first thought has always been Enea. ‘Discounted’ you say? Well, that’s not necessarily the case. It is not easy to see your body changing during pregnancy (I had gained 20kg total) and it is not easy to look at yourself in the mirror in the months following the birth. It can be difficult to accept this change between hormonal fluctuations, one feed and the other and tiredness after waking nights. “

«I understand you – he adds Paola Turani addressing the many followers who, like her, have seen their bodies transform during the months of pregnancy -. But if we think about how and what this incredible and perfect machine created for 9 months, I think it is right to respect it, love it, let it take all the time it needs without stressing it. How does this Paola feel now? A babe, however, even without sculpted abs and with retention on the thighs. And maybe I recognize myself more now, less angular than a short time ago. How long will it take me before my old jeans close up? Boh! Will I go back to my size? I do not know. But that’s okay ».

Finally, some resolutions for the new year that has just begun: “I’ll start taking care of my body again without obsessions, moving around doing sports as I have always done, for myself, to feel good mentally and physically, especially to strengthen the back muscles (a pieces) and to firm. Not to lose weight. That if I think back to all the years I was fasting to get into a size 38 dress, the word ‘lose weight’ still scares me. Welcome to this new, more mature and aware Paola! Welcome new sweet forms ». Welcome Paola.

Last updated: Monday 10 January 2022, 21:33