Philharmonic Orchestra And 12 National Artists Will Return In Concert To The National Stadium

After more than 20 months without being able to go on stage to give a massive concert, hear the applause and the audience singing in a choir, the Philharmonic Orchestra is ready to perform in front of 5,000 people at the National Stadium.

However, she will not do it alone, as she will be accompanied on stage by a dozen Costa Rican artists of different genres in Together again, a show produced by Interamericana de Producciones, RPM and CAPROEVENT. On December 4, at 7 pm, the expected event is scheduled.

As this is a special occasion, the group’s repertoire will include hits from bands like The Beatles, ACDC and Queen, as well as Latin American stars like Luis Miguel, among many others.

“We believe that the Philharmonic is one of the largest Costa Rican musical groups in terms of popular, alternative and varied music; with Costa Rican artists and music of all genres. I think people will be happy. We are very excited to be able to start this year with this opening ”, assures Flor Carreras, producer of Interamericana de Producciones.

According to the producer, this is an event that they have been working on for several months.

The concert is endorsed by the Ministry of Culture and will take place in coordination with the Ministry of Health, as it is the second concert of the pilot plan announced days ago by the authorities (the first is the Malpaís and Son de Tiquizia show, in Parque Viva , agreed for November 6).

“We are also very excited about the concert that Malpaís is going to give with Son de Tiquizia. In fact, we have collaborated a lot, we have worked closely on the two pilot plans, we have a lot of coordination and it has been very nice to work with colleagues on the protocol part, the health part and in general sharing with them, because normally, without a pandemic, that never happened ” added Carreras.

According to the producer, this show will have all the sanitary measures. For example, people who attend the show should always wear their mask and should be located by social bubbles. Furthermore, only people with their complete vaccination scheme against covid-19 will be allowed to enter the venue (applied no later than November 20 ”.

Tickets for Together again they will be for sale through the eticket website. In addition, according to Carreras, the prices will be very affordable.