PHOTOS Emma Watson: On The Occasion Of The Reunion Of The Actors Of Harry Potter, She Appears Ultra-stylish – Here

If, like us, you were in front of Salto to relive the best moments of the Harry Potter saga and you fell in love with Emma Watson’s looks, read on!

The fans d’Harry Potter were looking forward to this event and HBO made their dream come true. 20 years after the broadcast of the very first film in the saga, the harry potter actors got together for an event program broadcast on Salto in France. Anecdotes, memories and emotions were there. But us, what we noticed is the impeccable style ofEmma watson, aka Hermione Granger.

Emma Watson, very chic to find her Harry Potter comrades

She formed with Daniel Radcliffe et Rupert Grint the most magical trio in pop culture. 20 years after his big screen debut in Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone, Emma watson is an accomplished actress and fervent activist for women’s rights. Always impeccable, she has once again proven that her fashion sense is not just a legend.

The flagship piece of his appearance in the harry potter reunion ? A white knit turtleneck dress and embroidered with lace flowers on the petticoat. The dress is signed by the American designer Lela Rose and on his site, there are obviously only a handful.

Instagram @fashion_of_emmawatson

And since she never does things by halves, Emma watson was also displayed with a black mesh dress. This time it’s around the French brand Sandro that she has turned! Hermione’s interpreter fell in love with a long wool dress with fringes on the chest. We are a fan!

Emma Watson, cannon in a velvet coat

If you are a seasoned Harry Potter fan, you will have noticed that the actors present on the poster of the program broadcast on HBO Max et Salto are all dressed in a color representing the four Hogwarts houses. Emma watson, as a studious and courageous student, donned a velvet coat burgundy red obviously recalling the warm nuances of Gryffindor. The coat is signed Peter Dundas and with his mystical style, he could very well have appeared in one of the films of the saga.

Instagram @fashion_of_emmawatson

Wedge boots and newsboy cap for the very stylish Emma Watson

And if Hermione Granger had become a beast of fashion in the wizarding world? We can completely imagine this heroine being gifted in all areas, even in style. On board of Hogwarts Express to remember his good times spent on the filming of Harry Potter, Emma Watson wore the winter outfit that we would like to steal from him: a maxi belted coat Issey Miyake, one pair of wedge boots Chloe and a newsboy cap Maison Michel. If with that you do not find inspiration!

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Instagram @fashion_of_emmawatson

5 pieces to copy Emma Watson’s impeccable style during the Harry Potter reunion

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Bonprix turtleneck knit dress, 23.99 euros Press service
1641051447 455 PHOTOS Emma Watson on the occasion of the reunion of
Dixie fashion velvet-effect overcoat with pockets 183 euros Press service
1641051447 365 PHOTOS Emma Watson on the occasion of the reunion of
PrettyLittleThing black newsboy cap, 12 euros Press service
1641051447 484 PHOTOS Emma Watson on the occasion of the reunion of
Patent leather boots and New Look platform heels, 74.99 euros Press service
1641051447 396 PHOTOS Emma Watson on the occasion of the reunion of
Sandro long fringed wool dress, 265 euros Press service

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PHOTOS Emma Watson: on the occasion of the reunion of the actors of Harry Potter, she appears ultra-stylish – Here