Pianist Rodrigo Furet Gives Concert Via Internet

It is part of the online concert billboard that has been prepared by the organization of the International Festival Paisajes Sonoros, Valparaíso. At 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 24, the talented pianist from Chillanejo Rodrigo Furet Guarda is invited, who for this occasion considers in his repertoire the piece Carnaval, Opus 9, by Schumann.

“I have prepared this iconic work within the virtuous and romantic repertoire for piano. It will last approximately 30 minutes and I make a cordial invitation to support this beautiful project, which I see a great projection towards the future”, shares the interpreter.

Soundscapes does not have state resources and requests donations from the public to raise funds. They have enabled its reception through PayPal, but it can also be by bank transfers.

This initiative is part of the promotion stage that precedes the meeting that will bring together musicians during the month of January 2022, since it was originally for October, but was postponed due to the pandemic. Furet will be there with other artists of the stature of Jorge Pepi and Edith Fischer.

The latter particularly moves Chillán’s artistic sensitivity, since she was a student of maestro Claudio Arrau and is a recurring guest to activities organized by the pianist in Chillán.

After the pandemic

The International Sounds Landscape Festival was born from an idea by the pianist Cristina Rodríguez. Schedule a week of concerts and master classes, for which registrations are open on the website landscapessonoros.org. It is aimed at piano students from the approximate level of fifth year, up to professional or postgraduate pianists.

The same link is the platform through which the concerts will be transmitted online until the meeting takes place in Valparaíso.

The online concerts last between May and September, with renowned artists such as Cristian Leal, Jakob Fichert or Ariel Pino, among others.

The Buenos Aires municipality facilitated its theater to bring together the total number of registered for each of its activities, between October 11 and 16.

Text: Catalina Garcés