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Agent 007’s next film may be No Time to Die, but for actor Pierce Brosnan there is no time to talk about who will be the next James Bond after the last movie starring Daniel Craig is released. Or maybe yes. The man who played the spy from 1995 to 2002, in movies like 007: GoldenEye – 82% and 007: The World Is Not Enough – 51%, have given different statements regarding the mystery about the casting of the new actor lately. Among what he has said, he has commented how boring this conversation seems to him but also who he thinks should interpret it.

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Pierce Brosnan he has admitted that he can sometimes find it “tedious” to talk tirelessly about who the next James Bond should be. He admitted it in an interview for People magazine, where he also said that despite that it is something to celebrate as a member of the audience and as “a man who has walked that path and played that role,” referring to the fact that the character will continue living on the big screen as it has for almost 60 years. And he also noted that he considers Daniel Craig, his successor in that role, as an actor who has given the character a magnificent performance.

Beyond mentioning that tedious aspect that occurs every time the studio must look for a new actor to continue the series of films that has become a tradition, and rave about Craig and the indelible mark he has left on the franchise, He went on to say who he thinks the next James Bond in cinema should be. Especially since with the purchase of the MGM studio and its properties by Amazon, it is clear to us that the new studio that owns its rights will not stop the production of its films in the future.

In the same interview, he mentioned that for him the competition for the role should only be in two options: Idris Elba and Tom Hardy (via JoBlo). These were his words:

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Idris Elba comes to mind. Idris is such a powerful presence and great voice tension above. It would be magnificent. There is also Tom Hardy. Tom really can be anything from an overreacting to a simple snack. Both men can. And I think now that Daniel has made such an indelible mark, they can go in so many different ways. But your guess is as good as mine, who will be the next Bond. There is no other franchise like it. Nothing.

The names of both actors have sounded in the last couple of years as candidates for the role, but nothing has been said officially. However, the latest reports assure that the study would have leaned more towards the protagonist of Venom – 35%, but some time has already passed and until the study says something about it, or some more credible media reports it, it must be taken as one of the rumors that have surrounded agent 007 lately.

For now, we believe that it is equally important to remember that Pierce Brosnan is in favor of diversity in the James Bond franchise. After Daniel CraigThere is plenty of room for openness to new stories and versions of James Bond, although the path the franchise might take under the name “Agent 007” shouldn’t necessarily affect the most die-hard fans who refuse to see anything new. Actress Lashana Lynch will be the one to take on the mantle of the agent in the next film in the franchise after having achieved fame thanks to Captain Marvel – 60%.

In 2019, Brosnan had already been in favor of a woman playing the spy saying that more than 40 years of having men in the role, the arrival of a woman could bring a great dose of freshness and excitement to a franchise to the one that could use a renewal at least a little.

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