Pokimane wins an IRL game and wins a large sum

While Squid Game is expanding into more and more areas, the streamer Pokimane took the opportunity to illustrate herself during an in real life game, and pocketed a nice jackpot.

Squid Game, video game and future financial windfall

What happens when you pair one of the world’s biggest streamers with the most watched series on Netflix? A piñata of earnings, and a box of audiences of course.

Squid Game, the hit Korean series is generating so much hype (even a month and a half after its launch on Netflix), that several studios and companies see its variation in video games as a financial windfall. Netflix first, of course. Recently, the platform was considering various opportunities to promote the series, including that of a video game, which is one of the options being studied. But also Fortnite, which it is a safe bet, that Epic Games plans to establish a crossover between their famous BR and the series (a inclination overtaken by the community, which had fun designing skins as well as maps). We have also just learned that Crab Game, a free-to-play brand new was recently available on the Steam platform.

There is also Roblox, which took advantage of the popularity of Netflix’s squid to integrate it into its servers. the free-to-play massively adored by the young audience (but not only), attracts more and more streamers since the integration of more than 800 stamped games Squid Game. These created by amateur or semi-professional studios, the most popular of which currently has 31,000 players. A multiverse that grows and that has not escaped Pokimane, which recently distinguished itself with this generous donation of 10,000 euros on the Domingo stream during the last Z Event. The streamer started a game on one of roblox’s servers, where she notably performed live in most of the events of the series.

Pokimane, queen of Squid Game

But the young Imane Anys of her real name has taken it to the next level, sinceshe recently played a game of Squid Game IRL. The famous streaming channel OfflineTV recently organized a first official competition Squid Game. And for once, she did not skimp on the means by bringing back some of the most influential streamers on the planet, including the now 25-year-old multimillionaire.

During the video broadcast by Offline TV, we see a real situation of the candidates, from the choice of cardboard during the ddakji in the metro, to passing the 1,2,3 sun or marbles tests, to a variant of the final test. And to the latter, it is Pokimane who emerges victorious, but in a rather clever way. Indeed, she proposed to her opponent and streamer Hasan Piker to let her win in exchange fordonate half of their earnings to charity. A kind of donation goal after the hour, either a donation of $ 12,500 on a prize pool $ 25,000 total.

We could very well have imagined a donation goal so at the Z Event. In any case, this donation risks increasing the popularity of Pokimane again and again, who, let us remember, decided to cut small donations on its Twitch channel, believing that it no longer needed this source of income. This is in part due to her role as co-founder and chief creative officer of RTS, its new talent and brand management consulting firm. GOATY.