Police unveil photo of Young Dolph’s alleged killer

The murder of Young Dolph it was just one of the tragic events that took place in rap in the year just gone. The one from Memphis was riddled with bullets while leaving a popular cookie shop. To make the narrative even sadder, the rapper was addressing a thanksgiving charity meal, in which he had given food as a gift.

Soon after, the images were leaked. In them, we saw some hooded men get out of a Mercedes Benz and shoot it out with Dolph. The video came to light from the hand of the city police with the idea that someone could identify (or give some clue) about the possible killers.

Well, the City Police Department has again revealed more information, this time much more important. It’s about nothing more and nothing less than from a photo of the main suspect of the murder of the popular rapper. The man is called Justin Johnson and he is 23 years old.

A photo of Young Dolph’s alleged killer comes to light

As if that were not enough, Johnson is also wanted for violating the conditional freedomSo he’s going to have a good time in prison (if not his whole life) when they find him.

Apart from the photograph, the police have reported that the suspect has the name “Jaiya” tattooed on his right arm.

The photo of the main suspect in the murder of Young Dolph, Justin Johnson

There are more incentives than your own sense of justice to try to find the suspect. Police offers the not inconsiderable amount of $ 15,000 to whom you deliver it or provide information that facilitates your meeting. In addition, Justin Johnson has already been added to the list of “Most wanted people” Memphis law enforcement.

Although everything goes slowly, little by little the police are getting closer more to the arrest of Young Dolph’s killer. Let’s hope they find him soon (be it Johnson or whoever it is) and pay for his crime with the full weight of justice.