Pop Smoke murder: Charged suspect says he ordered the shooter to assault rapper, not kill him

It has already been over a year since young rapper Pop Smoke was assassinated. He was snatched from life even before the world discovered the extent of his talent. Today, while the legal battle in which the perpetrators are embarked, one of them made revelations about the true nature of the intentions which he had.

Corey Walker, one of the alleged perpetrators of the young rapper’s murder, makes new revelations

Corey Walker, one of the sponsors of Pop Smoke’s murder reportedly stated that he had ordered the killer to hit the late rapper with a vase and not to shoot him with a shotgun.

Indeed, it is Master Christopher Darden, the defense attorney for the man involved who explained his client’s intentions in a motion to dismiss his murder and robbery charges a few days ago. Note that the man was involved in Pop Smoke’s failed home invasion in February 2020. Which invasion led to the murder of the young rapper whose works conquered the music world after the death.

Darden reported Walker’s words saying that the latter “Had specifically expressed his opposition to any violence before Pop Smoke was fatally shot.” Likewise, it should be noted that the lawyer explained that his client had never entered Smoke’s residence. “It is clear from the existing evidence that [Walker] did not enter the house, was not armed, and did not personally kill the victim. Moreover, according to the evidence, it is clear that the accused did not share the real intention of the killer, that of murdering the victim ” he said to this effect.

Separately, the lawyer also admitted that Walker had ” assaulted« the 15 year old shooter after learning that the latter had murdered Smoke. A revelation which would have the merit of exonerating the charges of murder against Walker.

However, no active conclusion is to be taken. It is only up to the intense US judiciary to assess the evidence and make a decision on it. To note that the man because of this would even risk a life sentence without the possibility of parole if it happens that he is found guilty of the acts with which he is accused.

As a reminder, Pop Smoke was 20 years old at the time of his murder. He was also one of the young American rappers whose rise took off and who was gaining some popularity in the music sphere, in this case on the brooklyn drills scene. His first studio album ” Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon“, Came out after his death.

He is part of the closed circle of American Opus who have already reached first place on the Billboard 200. To the understanding of many characters in the rap industry, the late hitmaker would certainly have had an epic career if Corey Walker and his accomplices had not irregularly entered his home that evening in February 2020.

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