Pray for reconciliation with Gading Marten after breaking up with Wijin, this is what Gisel says: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Gisella Anastasia alias Gisel many prayed for reconciliation with her ex-husband, Gading Marten. It is known that he recently broke up with his ex-lover, Wijaya Saputra alias Wijin.

In response to this, Gisel even admitted that he didn’t really care about it. Moreover, the relationship between the two is now fine, like a family, and they respect each other.


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“Yes, I just do my best. What’s important is that I’m good, Mas Gading is also good, he also loves each other like that,” said Gisel in a conversation with Melaney Ricardo on YouTube, quoted Tuesday (12/28/21).

Gisel was never averse to the possibilities that would come. However, Gempita’s mother felt that at this time she just wanted to handle everything based on God’s guidance.

“I never said I didn’t want to, but also just walked according to the guidelines day after day,” he said.

According to him, God always knows what he needs and what can be his life force. This is what he always said in prayer.

“I always say whatever is in front of me, I give it up, basically I don’t want to hurt God’s heart” he added

For any possibility that Gisel and Gading will reunite, Gisel insists that he just wants to leave everything to God.

“To return or not to return, it’s also necessary to be guided by (God) alone. Of course, I want to be right,” he concluded.

Not long ago, Gisel and Gading shared a sweet moment with their baby, Gempita Nora Marten. Gisel, together with their children and ex-husband, celebrated Christmas together in the Jimbaran area. Both Gading and Gisel even wore white uniforms.