Profile of Idang Rasjidi, Senior Jazz Musician who Died at the Age of 63 Years : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Sad news came from Indonesian musicians, Idang Rasjidi. The 63-year-old man died due to complications on December 4, 2021 at 23:35 WIB.

Idang Rasjidi born in Pangkalpinang, Bangka Belitung on April 26, 1958. He is known as a senior jazz musician and started his career in 1989.

The musician is also known for his expertise in playing the piano. In addition, he can also imitate the sound of various musical instruments such as trumpet, trombone, and percussion as the voice of two.


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Indang’s early career began when she met Abadi Soesman who invited her to join a children’s program on TVRI. At that time, he played as a bass player. Then Idang was trusted to fill the keyboard in the music group Abadi Soesman Band.

Since then the name Idang Rasjidi began to be known as a pianist who has a jazz color. He got his basic piano playing from his first piano teacher, Mrs. Kardana. Meanwhile, he can develop it by self-study.

Idang’s expertise in playing the piano was further honed after he interacted with his seniors Ireng Maulana and Kiboud Maulana. Then, he joined the Ireng Maulana Associate. He also gained a lot of experience with Maryono (saxophone), Benny Mustapha (drums), Oele Pattiselanno (guitar), Benny Likumahuwa (Trombone), Dullah Suweileh (percussion), Jeffrey Tahalele (bass) when they were in the band The Galatic.

In addition to being with seniors, Idang also plays music with his fellow musicians. Together with Indra Lesmana, he formed Indra Lesmana-Idang Rasjidi Reformation Jazz. Then together with Candra Darusman, Jopie Item and Hari Subardja, Uche Haryono, Tito Sumarsono, Idang was involved in recording Tika Bisono and Denny Hatami.

Idang has also formed Jakarta All Stars with Kiboud Maulana, other group members consist of the late. Embong Rahardjo (saxophone), Cendi Luntungan (drums), Jeffrey, and Adjie Rao (percussion). Idang has visited many international jazz performances.

At least The Djakarta All Star has performed four times at the North Sea Jazz Festival arena, the Netherlands. Idang also had the same experience with the Trigonia group. This latin fusion jazz group was formed by Idang with Cendi Luntungan and Yance Manusama.

This trio is no less powerful than The Djakarta All Star. They have also visited the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands several times and have even had a solo concert in Malaysia.

The albums that Idang has produced include a solo album entitled Heaven and Earth, released in 1996’s and Margie Segers’ Jazzy Christmas album. This collaboration continued with the production of Idang’s own album entitled Jazzy Piano.