Putri Tanjung is embarrassed to give gifts to Raffi Ahmad’s children, the cause is unexpected: Okezone Celebrity

DAUGHTER Tanjung gave a special gift for Baby R, Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina’s second child. However, Putri Tanjung felt embarrassed when she gave a gift to Raffi Ahmad.

Princess Chairul Tanjung entrusted the gift to Raffi Ahmad.

This moment was captured and uploaded to Instagram by Raffi Ahmad. Putri Tanjung gave a gift wrapped in a paper bag, which she bought from a children’s fashion store that sells branded clothes, such as Kenzo, Marc Jacobs and others.

“This is not for you. This is for Mba Gigi and her new child,” said Putri Tanjung in the video, quoted by MNC Portal Indonesia on Monday (29/11/2021).

“So not for me?” said Raffi Ahmad.

“No,” said Putri Tanjung.

However, Putri Tanjung felt embarrassed to give a gift to Raffi Ahmad. The reason is, Amy Qanita’s child is known as an artist who is rich and twisted. Even though she was born into a conglomerate family, Putri still feels inferior to Raffi Ahmad.

“You’re already like that (rich). I’m embarrassed to give you a gift,” said Putri Tanjung.

In the statement, Raffi also thanked Putri Tanjung. He seemed so happy to receive a special gift from Chairul Tanjung’s daughter.

“Thank you, Mrs. @putri_tanjung,” wrote Raffi Ahmad in a statement.

The upload was immediately flooded with various netizen comments. Many refer to them as the duo sultan. Not a few also highlight gifts from Baby R which are priced quite expensive.

“Sultan to sultan,” wrote the netizen.

“Duo sultan,” said another netizen.

“Wow, this is a gift from fellow sultans,” replied another netizen.

“Crazy Crazy Baby R, Masha Allah. The gift is from Boss Boss, right,” said another netizen.

“This brand has millions, but it’s really good. Everyone is healthy,” said another netizen.

“It’s crazy, even though the price of the gift can be millions,” said another netizen.

It is known, Nagita Slavina gave birth to her second son on Friday (11/26/2021). The baby is often nicknamed Baby R because Nagita and Raffi have not announced their official names.