Rachel Vennya Confesses After Divorce from Niko Al Hakim: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Celebrity Rachel Vennya shared her feelings when she just divorced Niko Al Hakim on February 16, 2021.

This was revealed when Rachel became a guest star on the Youtube channel CURHAT BANG Denny Sumargo, on Saturday (21/8/2021). Rarely share personal stories, but now Rachel seems open to Denny Sumargo by sharing the story she faced when Rachel and Niko decided to separate.

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“When I first separated, I thought, ‘Oops, isn’t this difficult, isn’t it difficult alone’,” Rachel Vennya said, quoted by MNC Portal Indonesia, Monday (23/8/2021).

The thing that made Rachel think was the new status she would carry. In fact, Rachel had thought that being a ‘widow’ would be troublesome.

“I mean, with my current status, many people feel that it’s a troublesome thing. Women, widows, already have two children, people already know that, so I already know what kind of life is like that, right. That’s how it feels,” he said.

Having experienced that phase, Rachel finally came to her senses. From that, Rachel seemed to rise from her slump. In fact, Rachel now thinks people are so lucky to have her

“Until I realized ‘why do I have to think about that?’. I’m not a bother. I’ve never stepped on a man (self-esteem), I’m not that matron, then I’m not possessive-possessive, so I feel ‘ people are lucky to have me’ and two children behind me, this is not a burden, this is a special bonus,” said Rachel Vennya.

Meanwhile, Rachel finally decided to open her heart again. The 25-year-old woman realizes that she still deserves to feel love and be loved.

“I feel like I still deserve to fall in love, I still deserve to feel in love, to feel loved. So I don’t think there’s anything wrong if I open my heart to someone new,” said Rachel Vennya.