Rachel Vennya will be questioned by the police, Nikita Mirzani: Don’t be afraid Yes: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA Rachel Vennya He is scheduled to undergo police questioning on October 21. The inspection was the result of the alleged violation of the COVID-19 quarantine, after returning from New York, United States.

Knowing the news, Nikita Mirzani expressed his happiness through Insta Story. “I’m very happy when I read the news about those who escaped from quarantine. The case has been transferred to the Polda Metro Jaya. It means that the police officers are quick (moving quickly),” he said.

Nikita Mirzani hopes that Niko Al Hakim’s ex-wife can get a punishment commensurate with her actions. “Hopefully it’s not just a fine. But being locked up (jail) is also to be fair just like the others.”

Actress Comic 8 it asked Rachel Vennya to be brave enough to face the police investigation later. “Rachel Vennya, don’t be afraid, just like when you were at a party in Bali, you always happy, ” he quipped.

Dipo Latief’s ex-wife added that Rachel Vennya should understand the COVID-19 quarantine regulations. The examination of the influencer is justice for all people who have obeyed the rules.

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The mother of three added, “I just want to say, everything has a risk. And that risk is yours, so don’t dodge it. Go through all the processes. You already know and consciously know that if you run away from quarantine it is NOT OK!!!”

Rachel Vennya will be questioned by Polda Metro Jaya on October 21, 2021. (Photo: Instagram/@rachelvennya)

Congratulations, Rachel Vennya and her boyfriend. At least, those who are currently in quarantine will no longer be jealous of this news,” said Nikita Mirzani closing the upload.*

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