Rachel Vennya’s Controversy Row: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Rachel Vennya gets the public spotlight. He angered the public because he was caught running away from quarantine from the Athlete House.

During her time in the entertainment industry, a series of controversies have come to Rachel Vennya. Escape from Wisma Atlet is not the first chaotic act.

Summarized from various sources, Wednesday (20/10/2021), the following is the information:

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1. Escape from Quarantine

The controversy that is currently becoming a hot topic and in the public spotlight is the news that Rachel ran away and did not undergo a period of quarantine after she returned from America. Previously, Rachel herself was supposed to be in quarantine at Wisma Atlet, North Jakarta.

It was also revealed that there were TNI personnel who helped him carry out Rachel’s action. Until finally Rachel opened up about this, which she confirmed that she ran away and didn’t go into quarantine instead of missing her two children.

2. Accused of embezzling social assistance funds

The next controversy is that Niko Al Hakim’s ex-wife was accused of misappropriating social assistance funds. Rachel, who raised funds for Covid-19 patients through a platform, was accused of using the fundraiser.

However, this was immediately clarified by Rachel, she admitted that she did not use any of the aid money. And he explained that the social assistance money was managed directly by the social activity platform. (platform: kitabisa.com).

3. Removing the Hijab

And the controversy this time had made netizens excited. The reason is, Rachel, who looks determined to decide to wear the hijab in 2018, suddenly decided to take off her hijab again 2 years later, which coincided with the divorce process with Niko.

As a result, from this many netizens regretted the decision of this one celebrity so that not a few who sneered at Rachel Vennya.