“Radiation therapy destroyed her body”

A lifelong drama and finally a happy ending. The vicissitudes Jessica Mattera, sister of Justine Mattera, end with a smile, after the long and delicate heart surgery, which she underwent in the last few hours at Duke University Hospity in North Carolina.

The tumor at 11 years old

As he told Justine Mattera from her social profile, due to Hodgkin’s lymphoma, diagnosed as a child, Jessica was subjected from a young age to heavy cycles of radiotherapy, which weakened her body and tissues, especially her heart, to the point of obliging her sister to soubrette to undergo a very delicate operation for the replacement of the aorta.

Heart surgery at 48

“My sister Jessica is 21 months younger than me. At 11, he had Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It was 1984 and the doses of radiotherapy were massive. These therapies that saved her from cancer had numerous consequences on her heart and lungs by changing the tissues and making them less elastic and thinner. At 48, my sister found herself in heart failure requiring emergency surgery, and aortic replacement. My sister opted for a state-of-the-art surgery where they use pig and cow tissue to build the new aorta – a risky surgery for one with a burned heart and compromised by radiation.

Fortunately, the showgirl was reassuring her Justine Mattera, who traveled 18 hours to Duke University Hospital in North Carolina to reach her and hold her hand before surgery. «I gave her my statue of Saint Lucia who has always accompanied me in all my interventions. I prayed. She said she saw my maternal grandfather there with her. I felt it too and I cried ».

Successful surgery for Jessica Mattera

Doctors had explained that for Jessica Mattera there was only a 40% chance of a successful operation, but luckily the operation ended in the best possible way and the woman is now recovering in Chapel Hill, surrounded by the love of her family. “I live far away by my choice but, believe me, there’s no place like home and Home is where the heart is”, concluded the soubrette, before revealing a funny detail about her sister, who didn’t want to undergo the operation without the her fake eyelashes of ordinance. As they say, perfection is in the details.

Last updated: Thursday 16 December 2021, 19:45