Raffi Ahmad shows off photos of baby ears, has Nagita Slavina given birth? : Okezone Celebrity

NAGITA Slavina and Raffi Ahmad showed off a photo of the baby’s ear during an ultrasound. When was Rafathar’s sister born into the world?

sabar ya Okezoners, Nagita Slavina will soon give birth. The delivery is just a few days away.

Before giving birth, Nagita accompanied by Raffi Ahmad did an ultrasound to see the condition of the baby. They shared the moment on their Instagram account.

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Raffi Ahmad suspected that the second child who was still in his wife’s stomach was angry with him because he had not yet been given a name. The reason is, when doing an ultrasound, the baby only shows part of his ear.

“You can’t see his face hiding. He just gave him a look at his ears. He seems angry because he hasn’t been given a name,” said Raffi Ahmad in an upload, quoted on Sunday (11/7/2021).

Raffi Ahmad admitted that he was confused to give a name to his second child later. He even got the name from the obstetrician.

“I swear to God I haven’t given him a name yet. Confused, what if his name is Ivan Ahmad, because the doctor’s name is Ivan, what about dear?” Raffi Ahmad asked Nagita Slavina.

Nagita Slavina who was still lying down just smiled resignedly at Raffi Ahmad’s idea for their child’s name. Besides being confused about choosing a name, he was also confused about choosing the birth date of his child.

“What’s your date of birth? In November, around the third or fourth week. What’s the date?” closed Raffi Ahmad in a statement.

The upload was immediately flooded with various comments from netizens and a series of celebrity colleagues. Many pray for their smooth delivery. Not a few also gave suggestions for the date of birth of Nagita Slavina.

“Bismillah smooth,” wrote Iis Dahlia.

“Hopefully the birth goes smoothly, amen,” said netizens.

“November 21, 2021,” replied another netizen.

“21 11 21 is really cool,” said another netizen.

“November 15, let’s have the same date as rafathar,” said another netizen.

“Masha Allah. Always be healthy, mama teeth,” said another netizen.

“Hopefully Debay and his mother are healthy until they are born without any less,” said another netizen.