Raisa Reveals Ritual Before The Stage, Everyone Who Has Been to Backstage Must Know : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – As a singer, Raisa has her own way of keeping her voice primed. In fact, there was a special ‘ritual’ that he consumed before going on stage. What’s that?

Apparently, before going on stage, Raisa always consumes warm water with lemon juice and honey. This drink he believes can make his throat more comfortable when singing on stage.

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“I always drink warm water before a gig with fresh lemon juice and honey. I think it can relax my throat, which must have a lot of nutrients too, and make me more prepared for the gig that day, “said Raisa.

In addition to drinking, Raisa also admitted that he really likes eating fruits. In fact, she was so happy, Hamish Daud’s wife made fruit as one of her riders or her wish list before the stage.

“All my friends who have been to my backstage or have invited me to events must know that one of my riders is fresh fruit and lemon,” he said.

Instead of consuming other foods or drinks, the singer of the song ‘Terjebak Nostalgia’ actually prefers to eat fruit. “What is certain is that if you wait a long time backstage, usually the snacks are fruit, so that the vitamins are still present, rather than just eating regular snacks,” he said.

Apart from lemons, there are several other fruits that are Raisa’s favorites. “I like apples and bananas the most, because sometimes I forget to eat during the day or suddenly feel weak, eating bananas or eating apples can lift my mood again. However, what I consume the most is lemon,” said the mother of one.