Raul Lemos Answers Allegations of Not Carrying Out Independent Quarantine Returning from Timor Leste : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Krisdayanti’s husband, Raul Lemos, is now back with his family in Jakarta, after 1 year of separation. Previously, it was known that Raul was forced to live far away from his wife and children for 1 year, because he was trapped in a lockdown in Timor Leste.

The moment of Raul’s return from Timor Leste to Indonesia suddenly became a question for netizens. Moreover, Raul can immediately return home without undergoing Covid-19 quarantine.

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Through his personal Instagram account, the father of Amora and Kellen seemed to answer netizen questions regarding quarantine. He admitted that he had first undergone self-quarantine in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, and followed several health check procedures, before finally being able to reunite with his family.

“Alhamdulillah… Finally arrived home & met with my beloved family after a long journey via self-quarantine in Kupang and following several Covid-19 procedures, one of which was PCR,” said Raul Lemos in a photo caption on his Instagram.

“The journey from Dili this time was epic and full of struggles. In the past, flying from Dili-Bali-Jkt was a maximum of 6 hours to Jakarta. Now it takes a few days because it is via the Atambua/NTT border and through a very strict and tiring health protocol,” he continued. .

Raul’s tiredness seems to have paid off, because he can let go of his longing for his wife and children. Moreover, he was able to participate in celebrating the birthday of his father-in-law.

“All the struggles and sacrifices have paid off. After meeting my family, my beloved wife, children whose development is increasing and getting bigger, my brothers and my mother, who, thank God, stay healthy and stay young,” he explained.

“Alhamdulillah, today is mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday mom. Long life and always healthy,” he said.