Rauw Alejandro Charges Against The Anti-covid Regulations At His Concert In Madrid

Rauw Alejandro is, without a doubt, one of the musical sensations of the year thanks to his meha success Everything about you. The fact, furthermore, that his romance with Rosalía has been confirmed It has only increased interest in her figure. However, these days he is creating controversy after complaining publicly about the anti-covid regulations of his concert in Madrid. While some support him, others reproach him for encouraging his followers to skip them.

Raw Alejandro He offered a show full of rhythm last Thursday at the Palacio de Vistalegre in Madrid. The capacity was full and thousands of young people gathered to dance and sing the greatest hits of the Puerto Rican, yes, sitting down and wearing a mask.

Raw Alejandro and Rosalía


It seems that the anti-covid regulations that, for now, are still in force in relation to the shows have not liked Rauw Alejandro, who did not hesitate to express his discomfort over the excess of control that was in his show.

“I don’t understand the government in Madrid, they allow concerts at full capacity, + they sell alcohol, and they want people to stay seated? And if they got up and didn’t obey they were going to cut the music! Whatt? “, He wrote in a tweet where he added as a postscript:” Fact: My concert is not classical music! It is from PERREAR UNTIL DOWN ”. He also complained that when people “got up every two minutes, they saw a policeman and they sat down.” “You can’t do that, man,” he added.