RCTI+ Behind A Music Episode 1, Revealing the Ins and Outs of Creative Pop : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The premiere of Behind A Music presented by Nada Promotama, aired on December 17, 2021, at 19.00 WIB on the RCTI+ application, opening with the big theme of Creative Pop. In this era of 2021, if we examine properly, there are lots of old songs that were viral in their time, which eventually went viral because the pieces were remixed or played back through the TikTok application.

Many content creators use old music that can be remixed or original music as backsound on the TikTok application, with hundreds of thousands of viewers until it finally goes viral, and gives them the opportunity to endorse products because their creations on TikTok, they chase viral so that many people can see and sell.

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In general, Behind A Music is a show that presents the audience about the journey and secrets of music as a whole, and brings the layers in the film and the elements that drive Culture Regeneration and Culture Movement. The Behind A Music program consists of 4 episodes with different themes, discussions, and concepts in each episode.

Behind A Music shows are packaged differently from other similar music shows, namely with a more contemporary tone color, a millennial display but still looks organic, the concept of semi-documentary broadcasting, so that it is still relevant to the vision of Behind A Music, which has a modern culture. , interesting, and not boring. Adit Insomnia, as the host, will explore the knowledge and insight of all the performers on creative pop music.

Unmitigated, each episode also features the right sources to review the topic of discussion in each episode, as well as interesting, modern, and contemporary performers. In order to spoil the eyes of the Indonesian music audience, this first episode features creative pop songs from the 80s which were re-arranged by Nikita Dompas. Presenting Candra Darusman as a music activist who can also be called a dedengkot at that time, who later will be the main resource person who will tell stories about the music industry in the 80s era.

Some of the songs created by Candra Darusman, such as “Kunyatakan Cinta” will be performed by Kamga, and “You” will be performed by Cantika Abigail. Homeland music audiences will also be able to witness performances by Gugun in collaboration with Kamga, singing the song Really, by Fariz RM, Teza Sumendra singing Tandanyanya by Odie Agam, and Barcelona by Fariz RM. This episode closed perfectly with the appearance of Candra Darusman with all the performers, singing the song Kekagumanku.

Other music secrets will continue to be presented by Behind A Music with broadcasts in the next episode, on 19, 25, and 26 December 2021, only on the RCTI+ application.