Read KBBI, How Nino RAN Presents Deep Lyrics: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Nino RAN tries to present the best work possible in his work. To increase the quality of his music, honesty is an important capital in navigating the entertainment industry.

For Nino, the song genre of lyrical depth, the beauty of its melodies, will meet its listeners in its own way. The magical way, which in many ways is very difficult to logically by its creator.

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Nino has a ritual to always be able to present deep lyrics. He always takes the time to read, Big Indonesian Dictionary, to be able to present the right diction and touch his listeners.

I always read the KBBI as much as possible, as well as read diction with a certain beginning. So that we are trained to freestyle with rhymes. This is useful when I write songs, because the rhymes come out on their own,” said Nino in the Diction Episode 2. Themed, Creating Interesting Music, which was initiated by FESMI (Federation of Indonesian Musicians Union).

Nino continued; “From my taste in writing, rhyming words are very easy to remember. If in the past (people) wrote dairy, I got used to writing sentences in my notes. For example, someone came, what kind of song would you like to make, medium beat or up beat, plus what is to be conveyed in the song. Usually in the first two hour workshop, it’s finished for chatting. Because, usually, someone asks for a sad song, when I’m happy, and or vice versa. For that, I open the note, ” he continued.

Gerald Situmorang, bassist for Bara Suara, said that every songwriter’s creative process can vary.

“My inspiration comes from watching football. Because my dream is to be a soccer player. Outside of that, I like playing games and anime. Even though I’m coming here, writing songs is like trial and error, whether I write the lyrics first or the melody first. get a melody, not a chord. If a song has a separate entity, there is a melody, harmony or chord, and lyrics. Because I’m a guitarist. After trial and error, I will force myself to compose a song on the same day,” said Gerard.

Gerard admits, writing songs, like guitar practice. Even if there is in one day, he can not get the lyrics and songs. But, most importantly, according to him, the songwriter’s job is to write the first trigger chapter. Get new sounds and so on.

“Inspiration doesn’t have to be playing games, anime and watching football in the end, but can come from the music itself. Songwriters must like what they produce. And they must be aware of the decisions they make,” he said.

About making commercial songs, catchy so that it is expected to be accepted by the community. For Nino and Gerard, there are no specific tips. Because according to both of them, in making songs, they include commercial elements, both in terms of melody and chorus, for example, there is no definite formulation. “Enough to be honest and honest,” said Nino.

A person’s commercial vision is the result of the manifestation of the music he hears. “Or a hook in my personal case. Whether the song has a hook or not, that’s a matter for later. I’ve never set the hook. As long as I’m comfortable making songs, don’t worry too much about the hook, I’ll find out later. the hook comes out by itself. Whatever comes out of my mouth first, that’s the best. It will be something powerful. Which eventually brings interest, “said Nino.