Realistically, Darius Sinathrya Says Indonesia Needs Time To Become AFF Champion : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA Darius Sinathrya trying to see the performance of the Indonesian national team realistically in the 2020 AFF Cup. He considered that the Indonesian national team still needed time to rise to become champions.

“I always try to be realistic. As I said when I met Singapore, this team still needs time to become champions,” he said when contacted by the media crew.

However, Donna Agnesia’s husband still hopes that the Indonesian national team can win in Leg 2 of the 2020 AFF Cup Final. As an Indonesian citizen, the father of three children will always fully support the Garuda squad.

“Speaking of hope, we certainly want Indonesia to be the champion. Whatever happens, we will always provide the best support for the Indonesian national team,” added Donna Agnesia’s husband.

Darius further revealed that public expectations can sometimes burden the players’ mentality. But whatever happens, he assesses, the match against Thailand in the final is a good experience for the Garuda squad and Shin Tae Yong.

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Darius Sinathrya added, “So we can see what level the Indonesian national team is at now and what they can improve and do in the future.”

Darius Sinathrya. (Photo: Instagram/@darius_sinathrya)

Leg 2 of the 2020 AFF Cup Final between Indonesia and Thailand will be held on Saturday (1/1/2021), at 19.30 WIB. In Leg 1, the White Elephant team managed to beat the Indonesian national team by scoring four goals against Nadeo Argawinata.*

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