Regretful And Unhappy? Ana Patricia Gámez Confirms Suspicions With Some Photos; Is Your Retirement From Television “costing You Dearly”? (PHOTOS)

  • Ana Patricia Gámez went to ‘take refuge’ in the cemetery and now other photos confirm suspicions
  • The former host of Enamorándonos, is she sorry about her retirement from television?
  • Some photos with her husband and family would leave everyone with the answer

Mijos and mijas, their little sister LA CHACHA making an appearance here and bringing them the gossip of my little girl Ana Patricia Gámez who after her retirement from Enamorándonos y la TV In general, she has me very mortified because is it that she is sorry for the outburst of her resignation?

Here I am going to crumble that suspicious My daughter’s decision that has already led her to anonymity and to be without the public eye more than uploading her things on social networks that around there I realize something that raised my suspicions and today I have the reliable evidence of whether or not she took a bad one decision for your life.

Ana Patricia Gámez, regretful of her retirement from television?


For months she announced that she was leaving Falling in love and television in general by her own decision, there were many rumors about the departure of Ana Patricia Gámez from Univisión mijos, that if her contract had not been renewed and out of dignity she said that she would She was going or if her husband had taken her out of the show business.

It was also said that my daughter was very pressured to have another child and that if she continued with that rhythm of work she would not have time to get pregnant, because she had spent 10 years as the first host of Despierta América and Falling in love after the one we left no more and no more … but did your decision work mijos?

Ana Patricia Gámez went to the cemetery, alarming everyone?

Husband of the former host of Enamorándonos

Falling in love, a new host premiered, the mijita that one of Karina Banda, about two weeks ago mijitos, but several miss the Mexican and of course if she had more tables and charisma, but that’s why I went to take a dive on her Instagram and I found myself with several things to tell you.

It turns out that the mijita went to take refuge in the cemetery, but before you are alarmed, I tell you that it was to visit her father who had been dead for one year and my little girl was very devastated, as one gets with the loss of a loved one came to honor him and spend time with him.

Did the husband pressure her for her retirement from television?

Ana Patricia Gámez retired from television

I also realized that it is time that my daughter Ana Patricia Gámez valued the most because when she retired from Enamorándonos and Univisión, she said it was because of her personal life and that she wanted to enjoy time with her children and her husband, although she she said he was pressuring her to get out.

And on her Instagram, before going to the cemetery to visit her daddy, because my spoiled Mexican in the US ‘kept her mouth shut’ with some pictures of some very special trips with her husband whom she loves deeply and left some emotional words that they would leave behind. to all confirming the suspicions millets.

A message from Ana Patricia Gámez confirms what everyone expected after her retirement

Husband Ana Patricia Gámez retired

The Mexican shared some unforgettable experiences with her husband a few years ago and yes, this shows that she is more than happy about her retirement with her husband and children: “At this time in 2014 Luis and I were from Luna de Honey visiting incredible places in the living wonderful experiences, in a new episode in my Podcast Ana Patricia Sin Filter I will tell you all those beautiful adventures in Maldives, Thailand, Bali & Myanmar ”.

In those images you could see the couple on vacation on their honeymoon and they reminded her 7 years after it happened, so it is clear that the mijita knows that the time with her husband is immense now that she is on retirement from television and plans to continue enjoying it as God intended.

Children are also another reason why the former host of Enamorándonos resigned from Univision

Ana Patricia Gámez trip

My Ana Patricia Gámez, unlike several little women in the artistic milieu, because she grabbed her pants to say ‘it’s good for me to be famous and be on everyone’s lips, I’m going home and from there nobody takes me out, of course I do ‘And come on, he’s working out better than he thought.

But are you depressed or regretful about leaving Falling in Love and your career? Well, not so much millets because it turns out that she has a podcast on social networks where we can listen to her talking about her daily life and even giving advice to her followers, which is positive, because my little one has not completely left us.

‘Show off’ your little kids

Children of the former host of Enamorándonos

“These two love to sleep in bed with their parents, I am in the process of changing that habit that my husband and I have enjoyed for a long time, but it is time for changes and transitions, although I think the holidays are going to get complicated. This new episode is ready in my Ana Patricia Sin Filter Podcast “When your children take over your bed” Thanks to all who told me their stories, I really enjoyed this episode “, put in a photograph my girl about her two little children.

It is clear to me that Ana Patricia Gámez is more than comfortable with her current life at home with her family and husband, but will she never miss having the cameras in front of her or being invited to show events or like that? I always say that making the decision to retire like several known as Yadhira Carrillo, like Verónica Castro and several famous ones, always costs.

Her mother visits her and gives her strength

Mom of the former host of Falling in love

In other photo that caught my attention, Ana Patricia Gámez appears very affectionate next to her mommy and lets see that she is not very close as she would like, why won’t the lady come live with her in the US? It is clear to my little girl that she really needs it.

“How I wish I could hug my Mom in this way every time I feel like it”, was what the Mexican wrote in a photo where she grabs her mother like a teddy bear and hugs her as if she had never seen her but how she was It was the father a year ago I understand my girl perfectly.

Pregnant and planning to be a mom again?

Ana Patricia Gamez

Another thing that is said about the retirement of my Ana Patricia after Falling in love is that supposedly she would get pregnant because the husband would be pressing for another baby, but the truth is that it is not the husband who has violated me by another baby But the children!

As mijitos read it, it turns out that the two kids, especially her daughter Giulietta, is the one who pressures Ana Patricia Gámez for getting pregnant, because in various videos my girl says that her little girl asks her if she is paunchy and she laughs and tells her that no, it’s his belly from eating so much and being swollen hahaha.

Would you be returning to television soon?

Ana Patricia Gámez life after retirement Falling in love

After 10 years of being on television, my little girl Ana Patricia Gámez is right that she is going to relax us and that she continues to give time to her husband and children and to herself of course, so I say that at least that another company (not Univisión) makes her a juicy job offer, she will not return.

She must have saved her money to be very comfortable in a hammock enjoying her life without a career, or the husband has a lot of wool and earns very well to have a lot of financial stability, which I hope will be the case, because when the money, my love ends too …

Ana Patricia Gámez happier than ever after leaving Falling in love

The Mexican announced retirement from Falling in love

And well, while my daughter Ana Patricia Gámez announced her retirement and remains in her personal life, Karina Banda is struggling to gain public and confidence in Falling in love instead, because still people ask for the Mexican to return, although I already believe that That definitely won’t happen for a long time before I see her on the screen again, millets.

So far with today’s gossip mijitos, I love reading them so please comment and share this humble column, God bless me as always and take care, without lowering your guard that this monstrous pandemic has not yet finished with everything and vaccine, see you soon , bye bye, LA CHACHA wants you! Some images of this note come from the following video