“Relationships, when they are true, always recover”

Francesco Oppini e Tommaso Zorzi they met al Big Brother Vip and they discovered a great affinity. For the winner of the last edition of the reality show it was an attraction that then resulted in a beautiful friendship. Now there is nothing left of that relationship and the reasons for the dispute are not known. The son of Alba Parietti rompe the silence on the breakup and the end of friendship.

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Francesco Oppini, the break with Tommaso Zorzi

“Small talk is always in vogue for everything. I believe that relationships, when they are true, always recover. I didn’t say that I hope to recover, I said that when relationships are true, they recover. It’s something I prefer to keep to myself, because then there was a lot of wrong, invented chatter. I did not want to put a nose on this thing because I respect the people I have known in life, whom I have loved and whom I love.», Says host of the program“ Non happening anymore ”on Radio Radio.

Francesco Oppini, the experience at Big Brother Vip

Among the hypotheses that have circulated as to why the reports are shipwrecked is that of an old video by Oppini with sentences deemed offensive by Zorzi. Meanwhile, Oppini looks at the current edition of GFVip and already has a favorite: “I really like Manuel Bortuzzo, I have to study the others a little. I really like Aldo Montano, I find him changed over the years, matured and in a way and I like him a lot ».

Francesco Oppini on the competitors of Big Brother Vip

There are also competitors he doesn’t like: «Contrary to skin I don’t like Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge. They are far from my way of being and thinking. Alex Belli I see him exactly like the fiction he has always done. I find it very clever, too perfect. When one is too perfect, there is something wrong. Instead I didn’t like Soleil in many situations where she didn’t respect the people she talked to. He has a haughty manner, which can sometimes hide self-protection».

Last updated: Sunday 10 October 2021, 18:25