Released Until the End of Time, Armand Maulana Summarizes 28 Years of Marriage with Dewi Gita : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Singer Armand Maulana released the single Until the End of the Age, which is a summary of the story of his life during 28 years of marriage with Dewi Gita. This single was released to coincide with the moment of their wedding anniversary which falls on January 11, 2022.

Under the auspices of the Trinity Optima Production label, Armand hooked up the producer duo who are members of the band Competition Magic, namely Indies alias Baskara Putra and Rayhan Noor to write songs. The two young men transfer the story of the musician’s life into a song with a duration of about 3.5 minutes.


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“Rayhan and Indies see an interesting point in the story, my journey from dating, getting married, having children, until my anxiety is far from the children who are now studying in England,” said Armand in a virtual press conference, Friday (1/14/2022).

“Until my 28th anniversary on January 11 with Dewi. Interesting to reveal in this single, there was the title Until the End of Time,” he continued.

According to Armand, he and Indies chatted for 6 hours before this song was created. The vocalist of Gigi told all the twists and turns of his life while building a household with his wife.

Armand was also impressed with the results of the song that was created by Indies and Rayhan. As a musician in the 1990s, he really feels the need to collaborate with young musicians to produce works that are not only good for himself, but also interesting for the current generation to listen to.

“He (India) said that a very personal lyric from the creator of the work is now more into it,” said Armand.

“And I’m studying songs now. That’s right. I want to enter the current era, so I have to collaborate with children now. I’m still in the 90s,” he continued.

Not only Armand, Dewi Gita who listened to the song Until the End of the Age, composed by the Indies and Rayhan, was moved. He cried to hear the story of his marriage for 28 years summarized in a song.

“India and Rayhan were able to describe 3.5 minutes of the song for the journey of my 28 years of marriage. When I listened to it, Dewi cried. I didn’t even think about it, I’ve never sung a song like this,” he said.