Reported by Laura Aprilya, Shandy Aulia Relaxing with Hotman Paris: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTAShandy Aulia seems relaxed about his feud with Laura Aprilya Bakkara. He was even reported back on charges of defamation by the woman who was said to have insulted her son.

Don’t want to worry too much Shandy Aulia look relaxed with Hotman Paris with a tea together on the beach. This is known from the video upload on Instagram Hotman Paris.


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“Hello, Hotman Paris with the artist. Do you know this beautiful artist? This is Sandhy Aulia. Look, Shandy Aulia and Hotman Paris again,” said Hotman Paris, quoted from the video uploaded to his Instagram account, Saturday (28/8/2021) .

“They’re wet, pretty wet,” Shandy Aulia said.

Hotman also said that his client was happy when he met him. Not only that, when Shandy showed off the love symbol from his finger, Hotman actually took out his little finger.

“Ah, it’s not like this, (points to the little finger), just like that? Here, it’s easy. Small,” said Hotman Paris.

As a result of the video, many netizens gave comments. Some even call this a very subtle satire.

“The satire is the tip of the nail,” wrote the account @vj**

“wkwk I like this fight,” wrote the account @rat**

“The one there was looking for the wrong opponent,” wrote the account @nju**

For information, Shandy Aulia is suspected of committing a criminal act of defamation on social media. In Laura’s report, Shandy was judged to have violated Article 27 paragraph 3 of Law Number 19 of 2016 concerning Amendments to Law Number 11 of 2008 and or Defamation of Article 311 of the Criminal Code and or Article 310 of the Criminal Code. Laura Aprilya’s report is listed in the case number LP/B/514/VIII/2021/SPKT/BARESKRIM POLRI.