Reza Rahadian and Christine Hakim Perform Taksu Ubud, Happy Salma Producer : Okezone Celebrity

REZA Rahadian and Christine Hakim were involved in performing the Taksu Ubud art and culture. This art performance, which was produced by Happy Salma, was very lively, packed with dance and music

Happy Salma said that this art performance was an initiative for Ubud artists to come back to life. Moreover, during this pandemic they have difficulty showing their work.

“This is a small initiative to re-establish space for some of Ubud’s artists, which are full of art and culture,” Happy Salma said in a statement.

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Happy Salma explained, Ubud has long been a stronghold in the implementation of customs and traditions of the ancestors of the Balinese people. Almost all Ubud people live close to customs and traditions.

“During the day they work as farmers, traders, teachers and others. At night they live as artists in Ubud,” he added.

In short, Taksu Ubud tells the story of Umbara, an Ubud youth who since childhood has lived far from Ubud and his mother. It was time for his mother to ask Umbara to return to Ubud.

Umbara is faced with a dilemma. He felt Ubud was foreign to him.

Many artists are involved in this performance. Agung Oka Dalem and Cok Sri (dance artists), Aryani Williems (senior actors), Desak Nyoman Suarti (traditional motif artists) and Made Sukadana Gender (dalang artists). Also Reza Rahadian and Christine Hakim.

Not only that, groups of dancers and musicians, such as Gamelan Yuganada, Bumi Bajra Sandhi Foundation, Kertha Art Performance, Sanggar Cudamani, Ubud Performing Art, Napak Tuju, Swaradanta and the Janahita Mandala Ubud Foundation.

“Taksu Ubud premieres on My Culture YouTube channel Tuesday, 6 July 2021

19.00 WIB until July 12, 2021,” wrote Happy Salma on the Instagram page.

“Taksu Ubud premieres on the My Culture YouTube channel Tuesday, July 6, 2021, 19.00 WIB until July 12, 2021,” Happy Salma wrote on the Instagram page.