Ria Ricis nervous about being proposed by Teuku Ryan, Randy Martin: He’s not calm : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Ria Ricis’s behavior suddenly changed when she entered the room during her proposal procession. This seems to be highlighted by his best friend, Randy Martin.

Different from usual, Ria Ricis looks nervous when she goes through the procession of her proposal. Seeing these changes, young actor Randy Martin said he knew very well what his best friend felt.

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“I can see that he is really nervous. I know him, Ricis is a lively, fun, lively person. So today he is very elegant, he is very beautiful, but I really know that he is feeling inferior, he is very nervous, not calm, restless But that doesn’t matter, he was also exited earlier and he was also inside just now when Ryan delivered his words of application,” said Randy Martin to MNC Portal, Thursday (23/9/2021).

Even though he looked nervous, Randy still praised the beauty of Teuku Ryan’s future wife. He also said that the two of them are a couple who are reluctant to share their love affair in public. This is an added value for Randy as a good friend of Ria Ricis.

“Maybe that’s a form of Ricis’s readiness, yes. So there’s not much to say here and there, but here (the heart) is sure that it’s true. Now hearing the news immediately is happy news,” he said.

Not to forget, Randy also expressed his best hopes and prayers for the bride and groom. He hopes that all the good intentions of both of them will be facilitated until they sit on the bench.

“Hopefully this can all go smoothly until the D day. Semiga, in accordance with the will of Allah SWT, continues, until the marriage contract. So please pray for your friends too. Cis I’m here praying for you as your friend, I am very sure that you are very happy with this decision,” he said again.