Ria Ricis’s Mission to Bring Om Duck’s Bus Film OST: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Ria Ricis is not only active as a YouTuber. This time, Teuku Ryan’s wife is undergoing activities as a singer.

Ria Ricis was lined up to bring an original soundtrack for the film Bus Om Duck. Not just singing, Ria Ricis has a mission in this work.

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By contributing to children’s films, Ria Ricis hopes that children with parental supervision can return to the cinema.

“Hopefully the BOB film can make children gather again in the cinema by watching films of their age because you know that children’s films are now rare. Ricis here, representing Indonesian children’s films, must be fully supported with the energy we have,” said Ria Ricis.

Aditya Gumay as the producer of the film Bus Om Bebek explained that the proceeds from this film will be donated to build an artist museum.

“The proceeds from the sale of this film are tickets for the making of an artist’s funeral and the creation of an artist’s museum with the cemetery. Later, Ricis’s support as well as influencers will all volunteer to provide information about this film, hopefully it will be a charity. Because artists are also cultural heroes.

“At first, Aditya Gumay was offered the offer, honestly, he was surprised to be entrusted with it immediately and at first he thought whether he deserved to be this big. Because in the past the branding was still a toy for small children and thank God it was trusted to shoot directly, record and memorize the movements directly on location, there was no practice. So, on the D day, we immediately filmed dance practice with the children,” explained Ria Ricis.

The Bus Om Bebek film centers on the story of Om Duck, played by Azis Gagap. Om Duck with his bus driver named Uncle Gembul was hijacked by a kidnapper while on a trip to take the children to school. Bus Om Duck premieres January 6, 2022 in theaters.