Rian D’Masiv Pockets Identity of Perpetrator Accusing Him of Harassment : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTARian D’Masiv finally found out the person behind the Twitter account @dennysakrie, who accused him of sexually harassing the daughter of the late music observer Denny Sakrie.

“It’s been discovered. The police can it’s advanced now. So you already know who. That person’s email is also clear,” said the singer Love is killing me as quoted from Starpro Indonesia, Wednesday (7/7/2021).

However, Rian could not reveal in more detail the continuation of the case he had reported. He emphasized that he has a legal representative who will take care of all matters related to the case.

“So actually if update (that case), my lawyer takes care of it. I don’t want to be disturbed because I have a lot of work to do,” he added.

Rian D’Masiv asserted, the accusations posted by the Twitter account not only defame his good name, but also disrupt the lives of his family. But right now, the vocalist of D’Masiv just wants to focus on the things he thinks are important.

“I still have to pay the salaries of household assistants and the obligation to pay school children. So I can’t be bothered with things like that,” he said again.

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The Twitter account @dennysakrie, through his tweet, accused Rian D’Masiv of sexually harassing his daughter, on June 20. The account clearly states that the musician took his daughter to a hotel in Bali, in the early hours of the morning.

Twitter account accusing Rian D'Masiv of sexual harassment. (Photo: Twitter/@dennysakrie)

Regarding the accusation, Rian D’Masiv, who felt his good name was damaged, then ensnared the Twitter account manager with the ITE Law.*

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