Rosario Nadal And Kyril From Bulgaria, Together At Their Daughter Mafalda’s Concert In Mallorca

He wanted to compose his own song of the summer, and he already has. Mafalda, daughter of Rosario Nadal and Kyril from Bulgaria, she performed for the first time in acoustic version her single ‘Rotos’, on the island that she adores so much and that has seen her grow up summer after summer. Excited -as she herself admitted during the concert- to play at home, the singing princess thus fulfilled one of her dreams: make their parents dance and sing with their music and a devoted audience from Mallorca and in which we saw family and friends of the granddaughter of King Simeon of Bulgaria.

Mafalda, before her concert. (EFE)

It was past nine at night when Mafalda, within the framework of the Atlàntida Film Fest, a film competition that Queen Letizia will close next Sunday, he went up to the stage set up in Ses Voltes, the same place where the prizes of the regatta of the Copa del Rey de Vela Mapfre, which begins to be played this Friday in the waters of the bay of Palma. Then he began to sing what has been his first composition in Spanish, ‘Decir adiós’. Minutes before, a drip of fans filled the venue, with limited capacity due to the restrictions of the pandemic. And with the discretion that always accompanies them, but without being able to go unnoticed, it also came the Nadal family almost in full.

Rosario Nadal, Mafalda arriving at the concert. (Empty)

The first to cross one of the arches that rise in the wall under the cathedral of Palma and occupy the first row was his mother, Rosario Nadal. Whatever it was muse of valentino And now one of the most influential consultants in the art world has told us that she is “happy” to see her daughter perform ‘at home’. “I don’t know if she’s nervous, I haven’t talked to her. But I suppose that yes it will be excited ”, commented. Along with Rosario, they were also her sisters Ana -furniture restorer and creator of the Vimbi Vimbi- e tableware line Isabel and her parents, the industrialist Miguel Bestard and the aristocrat Isabel Fuster Puigdorfila, daughter of Count Olocau, very proud to see her granddaughter on stage.

With the sunset, like one more couple, they arrived Kyril de Bulgaria y Katherine Butler, prolific British businesswoman. Happy to be on the island, “we arrived a few hours ago”, the prince of Preslav assured that his daughter does very well: “He has studied and worked a lot to be able to get on stage with that confidence ”, he told us before also going to the front rows. There he was already waiting for another of his daughters, Olimpia, very happy to see her sister sing. Only Tassilo was missing.

Kyril from Bulgaria and Katherine Butler, at the Mafalda concert. (EFE)

And that happiness and excitement for the debut of Mafalda from Bulgaria in Mallorca spread to the whole family. Kyril and Rosario, separated for more than a decadeThey greeted each other in an affectionate way; in fact, Rosario and Katherine talked for a long time alone, while Kyril greeted his ex-in-laws and ex-sisters-in-law with great affection. But it wasn’t until the general public took a seat that the media became aware of the presence of Anri Sala, the sought-after Albanian-born artist who dates Rosario Nadal for several years now. He occupied a privileged position among the family although we did not see him greet his girlfriend’s ex-husband.

On the other side of the enclosure, closer to friends and trying to escape from the spotlights, there was also the young doctor of Lebanese origin Marc Abousleiman, with whom Mafalda has shared life for 8 years. They met when she was studying music at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Boston, and he was studying medicine at Havard. Since then, and after maintaining a courtship between New York and London, the couple lives in an apartment in the Malasaña neighborhood, in Madrid.

Rosario Nadal and Katherine Butler, before the concert. (Vanitatis)

With a style that she defines as ‘dark pop’, Mafalda took a tour of her latest work, ‘Bailando sin sense’, an EP released in April with songs that sound positive, but have a dark side. “I want to claim that it is normal to feel confused, vulnerable and naive,” he said in some interviews prior to the concert. Little more than an hour of performance, but that served to learn more about the compositions of what they say is the ‘singing princess’.

“I do not deny my origins and I know who my family is. I do not hide it. But I also know that I have worked hard following his advice: I have been faithful to my principles and my values, “he stressed on occasion. And he owes his parents a taste for art and music. In fact, He assures that, at the age of eight, after going to a concert with his mother for the first time, he already knew that he wanted to dedicate himself to music. “I wrote my first song here, in Mallorca, in the house of Porreres. I hope to be back soon, “he said at the end of his performance.