Runs! Take A 55 LG OLED Smart TV And Save 300 Euros

On TV YOU ARE with a resolution 4K UHD which offers a screen diagonal of 55 inch and that it has the most innovative technology in terms of television panels. A technology that uses backlighting and in this case, includes Self-lit pixels, that is, they work independently to emit their own light. This allows much sharper details to be displayed in all kinds of scenes.

Very good audiovisual experience

In addition, this LG OLED55BX6LB Smart TV is equipped with a powerful processor that offers a spectacular viewing and sound experience, as it is capable of enhancing the image and sound regardless of the source source. A model that is also equipped with Dolby Vision IQ, which allows screen brightness, color and contrast to be intelligently adjusted for each content and lighting conditions. In addition, it is one of the TVs that feature Filmmaker mode, which disables effects such as image sharpening and motion smoothing and preserves the original vision.

As far as the sound section is concerned, this LG OLED55BX6LB Smart TV also has Dolby Atmos, so it is capable of offering a completely surround sound so that we feel inside the action in any type of content. It is also compatible with G-Sync, so we can enjoy a unique gaming experience on the big screen in our living room.

The dimensions of this model are 122.8 cm wide, 70.6 cm high and only 4.69 cm deep, although if we count the support it increases to 24.6 cm deep. It weighs 18.8 kilograms and is a model that we can place on top of the living room furniture or anchor it to the wall with a support compatible with this TV size.

Smart TV LG OLED55BX6LB with a big discount

The official price for this impressive LG OLED55BX6LB Smart TV is 1,299 euros, but with the offer that we find at the moment in Pc Components, it is possible to save 23%. This supposes a discount of 300 euros when buying this TV. That is, we will only have to pay 998.99 euros to have it in our house.

smart TV LG OLED55BX6LB lateral

Something that we can also get for free if the shipment is within the peninsula. The delivery time is also immediate, one business day, as long as we place the order in time so that it can be prepared and shipped that same day.