Scary – OG Keemo is invited to the Squid Games

Squid Game

An absolute sensation – within a very short time the new series from South Korea was able to conquer the screens of many people all over the world. The Korean thriller series is now the most watched series on Netflix.

The series is about a separated father who lives in a small house with his old mother. However, you have money problems and it is so bad for the main character that he took up debts with banks and private individuals who do not know how to stop before tougher action.

When the main character Seong Gi-hun was at the end of his tether, he was given a small card. Four symbols – one meaning. This card served as an invitation to a game where the lucky winner can return with billions of won (several million in euros). There is a catch, however.

At first glance, the series looks like a survival game for the participants, but at the latest at the end it becomes clear. The popular series covers key issues such as the socio-economic divide, the exploitation of the poor by the rich, and the desperation of laid-off Korean workers who are financially exhausted and unable to find their way back into society.

HoYeon Jung

Almost everyone knows her now. After the series, the actress became a sensation on the Internet. Most of the content about the actress on the internet is for idolatry. But also memes in the rap scene could see a great success with her.

Posts have been circulating on Twitter for a few days in which untrue quotes from the actress are mentioned. One of the most popular posts says: “Squid Game star Hoyeon Jung revealed in a recent interview with Vogue Korea that she’s been obsessed with Playboi Carti’s Whole Lotta Red lately.”

OG Keemo

Now the series found its way into the German hip-hop scene. Just a few hours ago, rapper OG Keemo published a photo in his story that shows how he is holding the iconic map of Squid Game in his hand. He writes: “Just got this card. Dude said I should call. Can earn a lot of money, sounds like hype! “

Here is the Instagram story from OG Keemo:

OG Keemo receives an invitation to the Squid Games