Sebastián Zurita Makes Fun Of Apps And Hipsters In Film

Sebastián Zurita returns to the small screen on Netflix on July 22 with the movie “Fondeados” in which the actor plays a egocentric hipster who does not really know what he wants to follow trends, fashion and stereotypes, and whose only interest is to be a “trending topic”.

“It is a very sarcastic and ironic film that makes fun of apps and the world that surrounds this generation that apparently cares a lot about the world but does not want to get their hands dirty”

Sebastian Zurita

Zurita plays Gus, the director of an agency called “Fondeados“, Which is dedicated to supporting innovative projects to launch them on the market, getting people to know and consume:” I think this guy is loose, crazy and irreverent, married to what is fashionable and what consider society cool ”.

“Certain taboos turned into comedy”: Sebastián Zurita

In “Fondeados” they created a black comedy in which they even make fun of themselves.

“I think that generates a lot of empathy with people because these types of stories tell different things to a common denominator, they are still comedies but they have a lot of background and heart, he said in an interview for

The story is about two unemployed millennial entrepreneur friends who post a video about a “supposed” revolutionary application on a crowdfunding site, When they manage to raise a millionaire amount they realize that now they must create a app and they have no idea how to do it.

Second season of How to survive single?

Following the success of the first season of How to survive single? the Zurita brothers returned to the film set to record the second and third seasons of this story.

Without going into details of what will happen in these installments, Sebastián confessed that there will be many cameos with “very interesting” artists.

“The second season comes on steroids, it is stronger than the first, we have been giving it 16 weeks we have two left and we are super excited, the cast has grown and the cameos are crazy,” he concluded the son of Humberto Zurita and Christian Bach.