Selling Ice, Ruri Repvblik Isn’t Shy to Help Small Communities During a Pandemic: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Ruri Repvblik is now expanding into the culinary business in order to be able to get coffers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Not ashamed of the artist label, Ruri sells ice gum to make a living.

Gradually, Ruri’s efforts paid off. With so many requests, Ruri also received many offers of partnership cooperation.

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Ruri tries not only to find income. He tries to provide benefits to people who also feel the economic impact of the ongoing pandemic.

“So our vision is not to look for consumers but to create people who want to sell with limited capital but can sell by carrying the brand name of a public figure. So far, if we want to sell with public figures, we need very large capital, but we focus on the medium to large down, those with minimal capital can sell,” explained Ruri.

“It’s enough with 6.5 million they can sell, the real hope is to invite people to try and not wait for the situation to improve, so we give a solution by selling chewing gum ice,” he explained.

For Ruri, this step is a solution for her to be able to help people who are in trouble. Ruri hopes that, with creativity and hard work, the difficult times of the pandemic can be passed.

“We recruit people from various regions to get up economically due to the pandemic, they can sell with minimal capital, so they don’t need to be confused about renting a kiosk, renting blah blah,” he explained.