Selling Motorcycle, Derby Romero Denies Economic Difficulties : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Young actor Derby Romero revealed the reason he sold his motorbike in the past. Rumors circulated that this was done because he had financial difficulties to survive.

In connection with this, he said that the motorbike he sold was his hobby of classic motorbikes. Since the age of 19, he has had a hobby of collecting because now he rarely uses it, finally selling it.

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The man who is familiarly called Derby that he sold because of investment in one of the talk show programs aired on YouTube. “Selling motorbikes, I have collected motorbikes since I was 19 years old. Old motorbikes are cheap and an investment. Now I don’t use them, I am in Singapore,” said Derby Romero, quoted on Friday (12/3/2021)

“And it just so happened that all of my friends bought it. So, I just took it. It’s just a collection,” he continued.

Furthermore, this cocoon series player said he has a business in Jakarta. So even though he is no longer active in front of the screen and decides to live in a neighboring country, he admits that he still has income.

“My project is still in Jakarta, there are still running. It’s like there are still businesses running in Jakarta. So it’s still going on,” he explained.

Almost 3 years living in Singapore, now Derby is back in Indonesia to take care of documents for his needs to continue his education to a higher level, namely S2. “I think it’s been almost three years or so. Now I want to apply for a visa for Masters,” said Derby