Seohyun Discusses SNSD Anniversary to Acting Competition with Ma Dong Seok: Okezone Celebrity

SEOULSeohyun SNSD appeared on the cover of the October 2021 issue of 1st Look magazine. Carrying the theme ‘Shine Your Light’, she looked attractive in a minimalist all-black outfit.

In the interview, he discussed about anniversary 14th SNSD. He admitted that he missed performing with his group, after a hiatus for almost 4 years. “Holiday Night’ is the last studio album the group will release in August 20217.

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‘Nevertheless, he realized, the project comeback it was hindered by the busyness of each personnel. Because of that, SNSD’s appearance in the program Yoo Quiz on the Block quite emotional.

“Just by shouting our group’s slogan, I can be moved. I realized that gathering and saying the group’s slogan together could be something special for me,” Seohyun told 1st Look as quoted from Soompi, Thursday (23/9/2021).

Seohyun SNSD. (Foto: 1st Look)

On the other hand, Seohyun is involved in filming Holy Night: Demon Hunters with action actor Ma Dong Seok. He admitted that he liked the storyline of the film because it was full of unusual heroic actions.

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SNSD’s Seohyun said, “This film has a complex genre that you rarely come across. I was shocked when I first read the script and decided to get involved in it. So, I hope people look forward to this film.”

Seohyun SNSD. (Foto: 1st Look)

On the other hand, Seohyun SNSD will be driving The Fact Music Awards 2021 as host lead with presenter Shin Dong Yup. While Boom is a presenter for red carpet and some segments in the main event.*

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