“Sex? I’ve always done too much. In the end it became boring “

“I have a brand new knee»He announces cheerfully Sir Rod Stewart while flexing her legs dressed in tight white pants. “Mick Jagger has a new heart valve. Elton has a new flank. All the old ones are put back together. Get repaired and get back on the road! ” At 76, Rod Stewart, after being ‘fixed’, presented his new album. Tears of Hercules offers a vigorous selection of songs of love and sex mostly written by him, full of elegant disco grooves, rich ballads of gritty feeling and rock, all interpreted by Stewart’s inimitable hoarse voice. And it has presented in his style, always above the lines.

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A video for her most recent single, One More Time, was widely mocked on social media for depicting the glittering 70-year-old interacting flirtatiously with a group of handsome young women in his mid-life. “This is my band”he laughs contemptuously. “They weren’t chosen for their beauty. They all play, sing and dance. The guys in the band aren’t bad either! ».

The theme of the song is the sex with an ex: “I’ve never done that,” he declares. “I’ve never really tried it. When I’m done with a woman, that’s it, it’s really done. I’m pretty good like that. But we have all been tempted“. A cheerful song with a Caribbean flavor, on the other hand, is Gabriella that evokes memories of a one-night stand with a 19-year-old mistress, while the sensational hymn to dance Kookooaramabama proposes numerous places to do this, including trains, planes, cars and cemeteries, and suggests that listeners’ try it in the kitchen when the kids are out. Spontaneous lust is what it is all about. I am without embarrassment and without shame», replica Rod Stewart.

“I’m just reminding everyone that the sex should be fun. I’ve always sung it. All time. Someone has to do this hard work and I did it! ” Regarding her libido in her later years, she says, “Well, it is no longer what it used to be. But I really love women. I loved Marilyn Monroe when I was eight. I cut out his photos from the newspaper. And I have continued to do so all my life ».

«The 70s were great – continues Rod -. It was a hedonistic era. The era of fuck!»Stewart’s brazen joy at his success is part of his remarkable appeal. When offered a list of 1970s rock star characteristics (villas, cars, drugs, sex, big hair, tight pants), he claps his thigh with glee: “I have them all!”. In those years there was a sense that class structures were being turned upside down when a former factory worker from north London became rich and famous, selling hundreds of millions of records around the world.

«Football and music were the two of the only ways to get out of the streets. We were heroes of the working class“. However, that era of indulgence tends to be viewed with a more skeptical and judgmental eye now, particularly with regards to the exploitation of young women. Stewart is indifferent. “I have done absolutely nothing wrong. I have never had sex with any minor, I have never forced anyone to have sex. Indeed, sex it was always too much for me, it was always there and it got boring. There were many beautiful women, but we had nothing to say at the end of the evening. I wanted a woman in my life, I wished I had a love story, a relationship that was much deeper than just sex. And I finally found it».

Last updated: Friday 5 November 2021, 10:51