“Shame, my mother mishandled in a hospital facility. Save thanks to Niguarda “

Lucia Bramieri against the Italian health system. It is not the first time that the hair stylist has taken the floor on sensitive issues such as public health, but if before the debate was linked to Covid and the opportunity to exclude vaccine skeptical healthcare professionals from talk shows, now the question is all personal and concerns an alleged case medical malpractice. The protagonist of the story was Bramieri’s mother who, after some misadventures in a previous clinic, would finally land at the Niguarda Hospital in Milan.

In thanking the hospital for the excellent welcome, the former daughter-in-law of Gino Bramieri wanted to share on Instagram an experience that he said was shameful lived by his mother. “Thank you Niguarda hospital, now I’m sure my mom is in good hands … Not as happened in the past few days in another facility, which must be ashamed of how it handled an elderly patient with so many pathologies and a very serious clinical picture … For now I won’t mention names… But I’ll do them soon !!! », Bramieri wrote, alluding to a possible future complaint.

Shortly after, always on Instagram, Lucia Bramieri he divulged a further message of thanks to Niguarda: «Thank you !! You are real angels !! A special thanks to our doctor Silvia Esposito, always available, and even today she has shown great professionalism and humanity as always. All that was not there from the doctors of the previous structure! ».

A wrong diagnosis, a delay in treatment: it is not yet clear what exactly happened to Bramieri’s mother before obtaining the transfer to Niguarda. The hair stylist did not want to provide further details, but certainly the previous hospital must have handled the clinical case superficially. «The elderly must be treated seriously, not superficially as they did with my mother! For you they are patient, for us they are mothers and fathers: do you understand the difference? », Lucia Bramieri concluded, before allowing herself a little well-deserved rest at home with her little dog. “It has been a long and tiring day, and we know why … but my puppy’s tenderness can relax me even in the most difficult moments.”

Last updated: Monday 13 December 2021, 19:54