Shannen Doherty and the fight against cancer, the shock photo from the bed. And an invitation: “Be brave”

“For the awareness month on the breast cancer, I would like share something more about my personal journey from first diagnosis at the second. Is everything nice? NO, but it is true ». On Instagram, the actress Shannen Doherty, that made millions of young people dream with the character Brenda in Beverly Hills e Prue in The Witches, he continues to voice the illness that hit her in 2015. In the shot posted, she appears lying on a bed, with a bare skull and a handkerchief under her nose to stop the blood: “My hope in sharing all of this we all become more educated, more familiar with the aspect of cancer»​.

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The actress talks about her breast cancer to incite her followers to control themselves, especially during the month dedicated to cancer prevention.

«I hope – he writes – of to encourage people to undergo mammography, to regular checkups, to overcome fear and to face whatever may be in front of you. In 2015 I was diagnosed breast cancer. I had a mastectomy and I did chemo and radiation. I’ve had a lot of nosebleeds from chemo. I’m not sure any of you have tried out this. I too was extremely tired ».

In the second shot, however, Shannen smiles while wearing colorful pajamas: “I cheered myself up wearing a pajamas fun that my friend Kristy gave me. They really cheered me up morale? Yup!! LOL. In that ridicule, I was able to laugh at myself. To find humor helped me overcome what seemed impossible. I hope we all find humor in the impossible “

In the end, the actress puts a hashtag to enclose the meaning of his post: #breast cancer awareness

Last updated: Thursday 7 October 2021, 23:08