Share Is Back, The Youth Solidarity Festival

The youth’s favorite festival has a name: Share, to share. And it is that, beyond its great poster, the contest promotes values ​​such as sustainability, inclusion or solidarity, all through music. On this occasion, it takes place, for the most part, at the Olympic Stadium until the end of November and with a reduced capacity to be able to follow the sanitary regulations of each moment. They also encourage their audience to participate in different actions in favor of climate change, gender equality, human rights or aid to refugees. So it is a pleasure to go to a concert knowing that, in addition, you contribute to making the world a little more just. Let’s discover its programming.

The big party and two stars of ‘OT’

Tonight we have a big party with The sticker (9pm), full Catalan rumba. It will be the only stop in Barcelona on their current tour and they have just released a new song (Ahipami), along with Efecto Pasillo, who will also participate in this concert where they will also be Youthstar and Chineseman. As opening act they will have the Tina Strawberry, the new duo formed by Melo Moreno and Martín Domingo.

Tomorrow two of the most famous contestants of the penultimate edition of Triumph operation (from 8.30 pm). The runner-up, the Navarrese Natalia Lacunza, who released his second EP last year, will present his new song I want to sleep with you, in collaboration with Trashi. His partner Alba Reche he also follows an upward trajectory and will discover his new album The little seed, where she shines again as a songwriter and singer.

The kings of confinement and reggae

The Stay Homa (30th, 9pm) were the great winners of confinement and his videos reached the whole world to the point that big stars like Michael Bubblé adapted their songs. All this caused them to record their first album, Water, which will be presented to us at the festival and which includes themes such as The bright side, next to Oques Grasses.

Precisely, this group from Osona, Fat Geese, will be the protagonist the next day, July 31. The band has been succeeding for 11 years with their combination of reggae and pop music and his lyrics about everyday life and with good humor. They will offer two recitals on the same day (6pm and 10pm) to present their new album Butt with life. Although it is only a few days old, its single Bye bye, it already accumulates more than one and a half million reproductions on Spotify.

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urban songs

In August we will only have one concert (day 6, from 8.30 pm), but it will bring together three very attractive names: Omar Montes, RVFV and 31FAM. The first two have already collaborated on several occasions (I don’t want love, fake capo O Normal to believe it) and the third parties will present their album Jetlag. Montes is one of the greats of trap and, with his songs, he became the most listened to artist of the past year. RVFV is the pseudonym of Rafa Ruiz from Almeria, who combine reggaeton with trap or dance hall in titles like Looking at you O Far from me. Finally, the 31FAM are an urban band from Sabadell with its own identity that accumulates several singles Very catchy in English, Spanish and Catalan.

On September 4 the concerts with Morad (5pm), the singer from L’Hospitalet de Llobregat who this year has triumphed with songs like Normal O Motorola. A rapper who is revolutionizing the urban scene and what has just been released Jealous, next to Capo Plaza, and Touch. But the great attraction will be to listen to his latest single In solitary, Necessary.

Dance and reggaeton

And, in the evening of that same day, great music and dance show with Lola Indigo (9pm), who has just released his new album, The girl, that he is presenting on his new tour. Despite having been the first to leave the academy of O.T. in the 2017 edition, he quickly positioned himself with his single I no longer want anything. His live is vibrant and highly energetic, we will have no choice but to try to be at your level.

Already in October, double concert with Anuel AA and Aleesa (30th, 8:00 pm), who will perform at the Palau Sant Jordi. The Puerto Rican is one of the great exponents of reggaeton, rap and trap, with discs like Real to death, Emmanuel Y The gods (with Ozuna) that have made him one of the most followed on Spotify and YouTube. Aleesha will be the opening act, a 21-year-old from Ibiza who became known with Dangerous and continued his upward career with songs like The employer, No man Y Little angel

A rapper in the Sala Apolo

Finally, in November (20, 21 h.), He will perform at the Sala Apolo the Canarian rapper Don Patricio, the interpreter of Singing polka dots who is currently finishing his new album that will be released in a few months. His last single it is Bad herbs, in collaboration with Marc Seguí, but surely by then we will may present some of their new themes. A great ending to a festival reserved for young people, who also deserve their moments of escape.


Share Festival

Where? Olympic Stadium, Palau Sant Jordi and Sala Apolo.

When? various days and hours until November 20.

Price: from 20 to 69 euros, depending on the area and concert.

More information: Share Festival.

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