she in Milan with her children, he alone (no one knows where)

Last week we thought we had put an end to the gossip that had risen around the couple Belen Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbese. After Luna Marì’s parents did not show up together for a long time, rumors chased each other and the photos posted by the two fueled the rumors. But the truth seemed to be different. Other than breaking up. On the cover of Chi last week in fact, the new parents were paparazzi together in the park under Belen’s house. Hand in hand and serene.

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“There was a crisis but we got over it,” the showgirl herself said to the photographer who had caught them. “We never broke up.” The answer is dry and seems to leave no room for other interpretations. Belen and Antonino are together. That was until Wednesday. Because today the new doubts arise from social networks. While the 37-year-old is on vacation with her children and father at the Bulgari in Milan, The hairstylist posts a photo of a living room with a single glass of wine. New crisis? Yet the images of the weekly directed by Alfonso Signorini had made us hope and change our minds.

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Belen and Antonino, the social confusion

But the followers are no longer understanding us: «I do not understand all these photos from an ambiguous period to confuse nonsense for me».

And from the point of view of Antonino they try to understand something: «Belen al Bulgari with Santiago Luna Mari with his maternal grandparents who knows where he is x this weekend».

And then there are those who think badly … «Are you separated again? The reunion lasted time of the cover on Chi“. The two say nothing but what is certain is that they have courage to spare. Belen and Antonino did not hide behind a false cover life, on the contrary they are showing the truth on Instagram. The truth of a couple that goes into crisis immediately after the birth of a child despite the always declared love, and this makes them more human.

Last updated: Sunday 5 December 2021, 14:46