“She is ready to work with me”

Arisa is another. And she knows it too. With «I was romantic», which in reality should have been called «Romantic Porn», the artist confirms in a loud voice: she has changed and is ready to show herself without veils. “I feel beautiful and attractive like never before.” And if from social media her exploded femininity has struck millions of followers, Rocco Siffredi has not remained indifferent to the singer’s charm.

The king of porn has no doubts, after Dancing with the Stars, the singer would also be ready to launch herself as a porn actress, and would be perfect in this “role”. Rocco now throws the stone at her: «It may also be that her femininity has become so overwhelming that she feels ready for such a step. We must not forget that women change and change even with age: they become much more aware of their own person and perhaps decide to be more daring in private life as well as – why not? – artistically “. These are the words of the director in an interview with MOW – Men on Wheels.

Rocco Siffredi and the hot proposal

But Siffredi had already seen a lot about Arisa. His porn parody of X Factor 2012 was historic and caused a lot of discussion. At the time, however, the singer of Sincerity was not ready and indeed she was very worried about the implications that the parody could have on her career, so much so that Rocco found himself squeezed between the threats of the lawyers. A story that, however, today the king of porn explains as follows: “Simona Ventura that I had a black man from New York interpret with underneath… and she called me and said: “Li mortacci yours! But why did I have to be the man? “. Arisa, on the other hand, was worried that I wanted to make a series of films with her double but this was absolutely not my intention, it would have ended there anyway. So there were no further problems. She was actually very nice: the lawyer told me that she was only worried because people stopped her parents at the supermarket to tell them that their daughter had done a porn. It had been a shock to them».

Arisa’s sexy twist

Meanwhile, Rocco constantly follows the artist on social networks. And his latest posts leave him hopeful: «I saw his statement and also the photos he posts on social media. I must tell you that when I read “soft porn” I exclaimed: “What a pity !. I’m a fan of Arisa, I really like her as a woman. I don’t follow Italian music a lot but I really appreciate her both physically and for her way of thinking and doing. Arisa is sexy on a surreal level. Famous people from Italian showbiz, people who don’t usually feel for these things, have been showering me with messages about her ever since that statement of hers came out. Between celebrities and ordinary people they are all very horny».

Last updated: Friday 26 November 2021, 11:15