“She is the only one who helped me. But I would never do like her “

Lady Lautaro, Agustina Gandolfo, she is certainly not one who is afraid to have her say. The girlfriend of Lautaro martinez, in a long interview with the magazine “Hola Argentina”, expresses his opinion on the term «wags» and remembers the times spent together with Wanda Nara, When Mauro Icardi he was still atInter.

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«Before being there wife of a football player, I am a mom, a worker, a student… The term wags, which identifies us wives of footballers, would go deleted from the vocabulary, has a very negative connotation. A lawyer’s partner doesn’t have a title, so why should we have it? ‘ The beautiful 26-year-old influencer and fitness enthusiast has become mother of little Mia in February, he also spoke about another colleague and compatriot: Wanda Nara.

The girlfriend of “Toro” Lautaro met Wanda at the time of Inter. “I don’t consider her a friend, ma la I thank because she was one of those who joined the group when I didn’t speak a word of Italian. I do not have never thought of representing Lautaro – he added – I respect those who do it, but I don’t feel prepared, nor would I ever mix our personal relationship with the professional one. The only reason I would do it is because I believe no one would do his good more than his family. ”

Agustina, then, call to judge the soap opera that has now been staged for months between Icardi and his wife – agent, the famous Wandagate, revealed a background on his relationship with the Inter striker: «Me I have a theory according to which, if men want to be unfaithful, they will be the same whether you control them or not. I don’t like open relationships and I always tell Lauti: ‘If one day you fall in love with another, tell me first. Do not hurt me ‘, because an infidelity it would hurt me too much».

Last updated: Monday 13 December 2021, 19:21