Shin Jimin Releases New Single after 1.5 Years of Vacuum Due to Bullying Case : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTAShin Jimin, ex leader girl group AOA back active on Instagram after 1.5 years of vacuum. In his upload, he gave a surprise to his fans right on his birthday on January 8, 2022.

Jimin gave a gift to his fans in the form of an English song titled, Suddenly. “A surprise for the people I love. The single has been released,” he said in the upload, as quoted on Saturday (8/1/2022).

From the 2 minute 26 second video he uploaded, the 31-year-old rapper is known to be in London, England. He walked the streets of London to visit various places, including the Tate Modern art gallery.

Shin Jimin then updated the bio on his personal Instagram with a link to the song on SoundCloud. Comeback sang rapper greeted enthusiastically by his fans. “It’s nice to have you back. I miss you,” said one fan.

Another said, “I know it won’t be in vain to wait for you to come back.” One fan commented, “Hey, you surprised me with this post. I feel like this is the best birthday present ever.”

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In July 2020, Shin Jimin resigned from AOA and took a hiatus from the entertainment world after being accused of being a bully by his former colleague, Kwon Mina. At that time, he had released an apology and was silent on social media for 1.5 years.

Shin Jimin. (Foto: Instagram / @ jiminbaby_18)

Is this a sign for Unpretty Rapstar will this comeback to the K-Pop music industry as a solo singer? Let’s look forward to it together.*

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