Shireen Sungkar Shares Business Tips in the Digital Age for Mothers : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Shireen Sungkar the spirit of inviting mothers, aka mothers, to start consciously doing business. He was also happy to see their enthusiasm for hearing inspiring stories about their business in the midst of their respective busy lives as housewives.

“I see amazing mothers, we take care of children, at home take care of husbands, cook, still all kinds of things but are business literate,” said Shireen at the MAKSADIS (Business Aware Mothers) event in the Kuningan area, South Jakarta, Friday (10/12/2021).

According to Shireen, in this digital era, it is even easier for mothers to do business. This is because they can monitor their work from home while focusing on taking care of their family.


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Especially during the current pandemic, where almost all sectors of the economy are affected. This opportunity can be an opportunity for mothers to start an online business.

“I think digital makes it easier, like for example yesterday’s pandemic we just stayed at home, but people can still sell online, people can still see the website, see the production, we can buy online,” said Tengku Wisnu’s wife.

But according to Shireen, starting an online business must always have fresh ideas in order to survive. In addition, of course, absorb a lot of knowledge and keep up with the times so that the business continues to grow.

“We have to be creative, we have to be literate because selling online and offline is different, so we have to master both, follow the community that has a platform, how do we do business, which social media is trending, how do we get a lot of followers,” he said.