Shocking Facts! Jonathan Frizzy Dhena Devanka Married Islamically : Okezone Celebrity

FROM In the midst of the news that Dhena Devanka’s divorce suit was filed to Jonathan Frizzy, the public was also curious about their wedding procession. They are known to be married with a blessing in the church, but in fact they are also called Islamic marriages.

This surprising fact was conveyed by Dhena’s lawyer, Ibnu Ali Tindri, who said that the marriage of Dhena and Jonathan, or who is familiarly called Ijonk, was carried out in an Islamic manner and recorded at the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA).

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Meanwhile, what the public knows about their marriage is that Dhena and Ijonk were married at the Glow Fellowship Center Church, Central Jakarta, in May 2012.

However, when it was mentioned that Benny Simanjuntak’s nephew had changed his religion (convert), Dhena’s lawyer did not give a definite answer about this.

“If that (the convert) is the subject of the matter. The lawsuit will definitely be filed in the Religious Court,” Ibnu Ali Tindri told reporters.

Ibn Ali also explained that Dhena could file a divorce suit with the Religious Courts as proof that her client’s marriage was registered with the KUA.

A little information, based on PP No. 9/1975 on the Implementation of Law No. 1 of 1974 concerning Marriage, specifically for Muslims, a lawsuit can be filed in the Religious Courts (PA). Meanwhile, for non-Muslim couples, divorce claims can be registered at the District Court (PN).

Dhena and Ijonk are reportedly ending their 9-year marriage. The couple also has three children, namely Zoe Joanna Frizzy Simanjuntak, Zack Jaden Frizzy Simanjuntak and Zayn Jowden Frizzy Simanjuntak.

Until now, the exact cause of Dhena and Ijonk’s marriage is still unknown.