“Should we feel guilty if we love each other?” But she changes her strategy

A new dispute occurred in the house of the Gf Vip seemed to have put an end to the liason Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge. But it seemed, because the gieffini have already clarified, with a romantic “Do we have to feel guilty if we love each other?” Pronounced in the night under the duvet by Alex.

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Ma let’s do a rewind to rebuild everything. During the live broadcast of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, the actor and the influencer argue for the answers that Belli gave (so as not to hurt Delia) to the presenter that didn’t really go down to the Sorge. After that, the ex of CentoVetrine declared himself with the Vippo and began to attack his wife with even inelegant statements. So the two were ready to let themselves go to feelings, but it was not so, because yesterday a new violent discussion broke out between the two apparently born from a futile reason.

Gf Vip, first the quarrel between Alex and Soleil …

The production of Big Brother Vip he asked the competitors to tell about their first 70 days inside the house and Alex Belli stole the show from everyone without leaving room for the other competitors to tell each other. Soleil went on a rampage and confiding in Katia and Manila she confessed that she no longer tolerates Alex’s manias for leading the way.

The actor tried to clarify with his “Sun”, but she doesn’t fit: «You can turn other people around, don’t even try with me. We are not talking about life, you are having a conversation with me where you are generalizing my characteristics to the nth degree». But Belli wants to close it quickly: «Do you want the reason? You are right. I don’t want to discuss this stuff with you». But Soleil seemed trachant: “It is useless to continue talking because yours are no excuses, they are deceiving everything, overturning the omelette, and you can do it with other people and not with me.”

… And then peace

And here it seemed over. But no, Alex has returned to the attack and has increased the dosage of demanding words: “You and I must feel guilty if we love each other?”. And the controversy breaks out on the web. Few are left to believe the actor. «Ad hoc little theater written badly and ACTED worse. Just broke the *** or both now. A antics ».

The doubts of the influencer

And in the meantime, keep chatting on the web new strategy that Soleil is implementing. The influencer seems to really want to let Alex and Delia drop the mask and pulls out a gossip gem that had been kept up his sleeve so far: «Speaking with friends who are into gossip, I know very well that you and Delia were having dinner together at the time when a paparazzi shit was made with a woman.». Like this Soleil cornered Alex, surprisingly bringing out a dinner in which the ex of centoVetrine attended together with Delia, Guenda Goria and his partner Mirko and other people not mentioned in the entertainment world and there they would have assembled a staging at the table. «You were both aware of it, you were both in that theater situation, of gossip», accuses him.

Last updated: Thursday 2 December 2021, 13:04