Sick, David NOAH Didn’t Attend Mediation with Lina Yunita : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- David Kurnia Albert Dorfel alias David Noah did not attend mediation with the reporter, Lina Yunita on the alleged fraud case today, Monday (30/8/2021). According to the Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Yusri Yunus, the keyboardist unable to attend due to illness.


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“Today, Brother D, who came for his lawyer because he showed a doctor’s letter while he was sick, could not attend,” Yusri Yunus told the media crew, Monday (30/8/2021).

The meeting between David and Lina was aimed at making the police know the object of the case of this embezzlement of money. Yusri added that his team found an inconsistency between David and Lina’s statements.

David had stated that he had returned half of the funds that Lina was suing for.

“This doesn’t fit, there are those who claim that Rp1.15 billion was given to Brother D and his friends at that time. That’s why I said we are locating the object of the case, what is the value of the case. has been returned. So bring the evidence today, we will meet so that we know the object of the case, “said Yusri.

Even though David was not present, his attorney had already met with the reporting party. Furthermore, Yusri also explained that if there is a mutual agreement between the two parties, the police plan to carry out restorative justice.

“For what the outcome of the meeting will be, we hope that there will be a mutual agreement. If there is a mutual agreement, we will put forward it here, restorative justice. At this time we still don’t know, we will wait,” said Yusri.